The Truth of Life

The Truth of Life

The truth of life

A big Dhana Seth met me at a party, someone introduced and told me what I work. Dhana Seth sat with love and said, “So tell me, what do you do? “I told them about myself and my organization “”Sparsh””” Friends of Sparsh and said that in the future my goal is to open a food truck.” Dhana Seth put his hand on my shoulders, and said to big love and Itminan “I’m here, tell me how much is the food truck? “That hand that day gave me blessings and a affection and love. My heart was so happy and I came from there with a smile on my face and trust in my mind.

After some time I met her again, talked with love, I talked about the food truck.. Planning to buy food truck next year. He removed his hand from the shoulder from Holla and said, “My whole business sees the housewife”, and in a mood of laughing and joking, “And he also has the key to the vault, I have nothing in my control.. I will help if possible”.

The other day I learned that there is only a few words difference between putting hands on shoulder and removing.
The reality of life revealed “words and promises are very cheap… And the implementation of their karma is very expensive”

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