Slide Kimil from Uganda Slide Chaisee from Thailand Slide Being homeless is not a choice, it’s a circumstance सेवा परमो धर्म:
Seva Parmo Dharma
‘Seva (service) is the supreme Dharma’
We provide a food pantry for the community DONATE NOW

Slide About Friends of Sparsh SPARSH” means a kind touch.

“I always wanted a daughter who I hoped to name Sparsh. The name and meaning of “Sparsh” is very close to my heart. I decided to name my non-profit “Friends of Sparsh” because no other name could have shown my commitment towards it.” Prakash Saraf.
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Slide How We Help Them? Food Pantry Know More Meal at Shelter Know More Settling in Homes Know More

Slide Our Success We have had an incredible month of May at Friends of Sparsh

The Covid 19 epidemic didn’t stop us from our continued efforts to volunteer and provide for our homeless community.

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600,000+ Number of meals provided 330,000+ Food Bank 157 Families Settled
Special Events
Special Events

Slide Sponsored Food pantry at Project Plase that has currently distributed 85,000 Lbs of food to surrounding communities.
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Last year we were able to collect about 200 tents, blankets and sleeping bags to provide comfort to our homeless community in the streets of Baltimore city. We also provided them with other supplies like, bus passes, propane tanks, firewood and food items so they can be comfortable and warm in cold nights
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Due to the Covid epidemic, we were unable to do a holiday event. However, we provided 250 gifts to men and women at 4 different shelters to bring some cheer during the holidays.
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12 Hundred family involved with the Friends of Sparsh

Slide Fundraiser to benefit Friends of Sparsh With your continuous support Friends of Sparsh was able to provide these services to our homeless community with the help of about 1100 volunteer families. Read More Fatal crash shuts down I-95 southbound in East Baltimore
Recently Joey Thompson was tragically killed on July 31, 2023, and was just found out a few days ago because the morgue was unable to identify him. Read More
Fund | Akshay Kumar This message is for who all helped me to raise fund and update that how he had changed in one year through pictures.Thanks everyone who contributed 🙏❤️. Read More


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"Friends of Sparsh is an amazing organization that is community driven to help the ones who are not as fortunate. The integrity, kindness and generosity of this organization is commendable." Jatin Patel “I have been working with them for the past few years and I have not met anyone more honest and caring then them for the homeless! They go out of their way to help anyway in need and I’m blessed to have met them!” Ayesha Khwaja “Thank you to Friends of Sparsh and 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day for donating these beautiful hand woven blankets Yellow heart these are so special.” Pooja Sharma

Slide How Can You Help There are so many ways you can help our mission by participating in our many different programs that can benefit the homeless community. Donate Now Contact Us Volunteer With Us Thank
Our Program
Our Programs

Slide Donate a meal at the Shelter Friends of Sparsh provides meals every day to many shelters. View event Food Bank Friends of Sparsh sponsors a food bank with a goal of providing food for the underprivileged families in the community. View event Permanent Housing for the Homeless Friends of Sparsh provides essential items like TV, mattress, furniture, and kitchen items to transitional family who moves to permanent housing. View event