Our Success

We have had an incredible month of May at Friends of Sparsh
The Covid 19 epidemic didn’t stop us from our continued efforts to volunteer and provide for our homeless community.

  1. In the past we have regularly sponsored and provided a full dinner 4 times a month every Sunday to the shelter residents. In last 14 months we were able to arrange and provide full meal dinners for upto 35 people every single day.
  2. Via the food pantry and other donations we accomplished a major milestone of stocking and distributing about 95,000 pounds of food to the community,
  3. We were able to raise about $20 kfor Covid relief help for Nepal and India. We have sent 20 oxygen Concentrators and other medical supplies to India and donated a $5k check to Nepal. Friends of Sparsh have provided about 250,000 meals to our Homless community since November 2019. While Friends of Sparsh is proud of their accomplishment, we couldn’t do it without the engagement from our volunteers and the ever generous help and support provided to our mission for the community.