Neev Saraf

Founding Member

Neev Saraf is a Co-Founder of Friends of Sparsh. He is a delightful young child, the son of Prakash and Manjila Saraf. This young man has been volunteering in special fun ways within the community for the past 8 years. He started his volunteer work at the age of 5 years by donating the funds collected in this piggy bank,that was given to him for his birthdays and holidays by friends and family.  He regularly participates in canned food drives or serves food to the shelter residents along with his father.  Neev collected $40,000 in 25 days to provide relief funds for the Nepal Earthquake that struck in 2014, the funds were given to American Nepal Medical Foundation (ANMF).  Neev continues to work alongside his father Prakash Saraf, in many ways he can to help the community as best as he can.  He has been recognized with many awards for his volunteer work in the community.

Neev is in middle school and lives in Ellicott City with his parents and has been Maryland resident. He likes to play golf and he is learning Chinese.