Neev Saraf

Founding Member

“The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in.” – Morrie Schwartz. It is a human inclination to confine our perception solely to what lies directly before us. Regrettably, we often neglect the valuable practice of observing the broader tapestry of our environment, failing to recognize the subtle intricacies and anomalies that may lie concealed therein.

It was a chilly hazy evening. As we drove past a humble dwelling I noticed a line of people. As a wide eyed and innocent five year old I began to ponder who they are. “Why are those people waiting outside?” My father glanced towards the direction of my gaze and turned to me and said, “That’s Elizabeth’s house. They are homeless people waiting to be served food.” Homeless. That word was foreign to my ears until that very day. He offered to take me inside to witness and participate in assisting in serving the meals. The memory of that fateful day remains etched vividly in my mind. However, the lesson it imparted was nothing short of profound. Homelessness – the state of having no home or permanent place of residence (Britannica).

I am Neev Saraf, the co-founder of the non-profit organization Friends of Sparsh. Presently, I am in my senior year of high school at Marriotts Ridge High School. The past twelve years I have dedicated time and effort towards the noble cause striving to enhance communities and foster a positive societal transformation. Along my philanthropic odyssey, working in tandem with my father, we have provided aid and assistance to homeless environments within the DMV region and various locations across the nation. In this endeavor, we have created a loving family of volunteers who play an integral role in the elevation of Friends of Sparsh making it as prestigious as it is. In my community, numerous young individuals remain unaware of the existence of those who inhabit tents or reside on the streets. I, too, shared in this lack of awareness until that particular evening when my eyes were opened. Since then, my pursuit has transformed into an endeavor aimed at raising awareness, imparting knowledge about the homeless community, and involving children in activities such as providing sustenance and participating in problem-solving initiatives. Over the course of my twelve-year journey, I have found great fulfillment in this endeavor. With the aspiration of eventually becoming a neurosurgeon, I hope to persist in my commitment to serving humanity.

These are some of the recognitions and honors I have received for my charity work:

  • 2024 Presidents Lifetime Achievement Award “Volunteer work”
  •  Neev Saraf Awards and Recognition
  • The Maryland General Assembly Official Citation
  • 2022 President’s Volunteer Service Award (Gold)
  • Daily Point of Light Award (George Bush Foundation)
  • 2015 AAHOA Community Service Award (Youngest one ever to get it) at the convention in TN.
  • 2020 #Digital4Good Winner presented by #ICANHELP!
  • American Nepal Medical Foundation (ANMF) has given him an honorary life membership in their organization.
  • 2018 President’s Volunteer Service Award (Silver)
  • 2018 Daily Point of Light award was awarded.
  • 2015 President Barak Obama’s Appreciation letter (Raised 40k for the Nepal
  • Earthquake at the age of 8)
  • 2016 Featured in NBC News for Nepal Earthquake fundraise and many other news in US, Nepal, and India