Manjila Saraf

Manjila Saraf, 30-year resident in the state of Maryland, has witnessed many trials and tribulations of the people in this state. She is a firm believer in being there for lending a helping hand. Manjila is always willing to support those in need in any way possible.

She would love to see, especially in the current COVID-19 situation, to embrace those less fortunate, and lend a helping hand.

She advocates for people to get involved within the community and commit time for children. Accordingly, she wants children to understand the nature of giving at an early age. This will help children transcend their understanding of philosophy in what their needs should be.

Her belief is to give, which has led her to many charities. She has embraced Friends of Sparsh, for her itresonates with her because of their involvement in the community. The charity helps redirect the lives of those who have come to a vulnerable point in their life. Friends of Sparsh and Manjila’s vision correlates in the sense, helping others to lay a foundation and stabilize their needs, will help the less fortunate prosper in the future.

In her free time, she loves to explore and travel, going on family vacations, and enjoys cooking. She like many at Friends of Sparsh, stand together in unison.