Dinesh Jain


Dinesh Jain is President and Co-Owner of Classic Homes of MD, Inc, Maryland’s leading custom home building company.  He has 15 years of construction experience and over 20 years of business management in various industries.  Dinesh’s work and drive centers around providing the best for his customers, whether that’s building the home of their dreams or helping them overcome the constraints to achieving their goals.  His success over the years stems from giving importance to each and every individual, and this has expanded into numerous charitable activities.  In 2008, Dinesh led the efforts to build a free home for a struggling family of 10 in his community.  The build was filmed by “Extreme Makeover” tv show, airing as the season premiere.  He actively supports the DD Puri Foundation, a charitable trust that helps the underprivileged in India, Africa, and the US, and recently funded construction of a school for deaf and blind children in India.  He also provides funding for Vedic Health Inc, a nonprofit specializing in eastern alternative medicine for those suffering from chronic illness.  These endeavors led Dinesh to seek a partnership with Friends of Sparsh to help make a difference for those in need in his community.