Highlights of June 2022

Highlights of June 2022

We have had an incredible month of June 2022 at Friends of Sparsh.
As Covid 19 epidemic is slowing down, we have increased our continued efforts to volunteer and provide for our homeless community.

1. This month again we were able to arrange and provide full meal dinners for every single day to the shelter and some days even two shelters.
2. Via the food pantry and other donations we accomplished a major milestone of stocking and distributing about 210,000 pounds of food to the community.
3. Just this year, we have been able to distribute approximately 160 sleeping bags and tents, and refill 75 propane tanks for the homeless living on the streets.
4. To date we have provided about 454,000 meals including meals given through our pantry and other shelters.
5. We have started a new program, “Hot Breakfast at the Shelter,” where people come and cook breakfast at the shelter with help of family and friends.
6. This year we have helped about 14 families moving out from shelters with basic needs like mattresses, TV, furniture, and other household needs.

While Friends of Sparsh is proud of their accomplishment, we couldn’t do it without the engagement from our volunteers and the ever-generous help and support provided to our mission for the community.


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